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Michelle York

Owner & Virtual Assistant


Financial Advisor Specific Applications, Digital Marketing, Social Media Management, Workflow Creations, Podcast Editing, Website Development/Management, and CRM Management

Program Proficiencies


  • Schwab Advisor Center

  • TD Veo

  • Morningstar Office

  • Redtail

  • Wealthbox

  • PreciseFP

  • Twenty Over Ten

  • FMG Suite

Social Media Management

  • HeyOrca

  • ContentStudio

  • HooteSuite

  • InStories

  • Light Tricks

Graphic Design

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Canva

Digital Marketing

  • ConstantContact

  • MailChimp

  • SnappyKraken

  • Lead Pages

  • Click Funnels

  • Jotform

Website Management

  • WordPress

  • Wix

  • Twenty over Ten

  • Square Space

  • FMG Suite

Podcast Editing

  • Descript

Is Michelle a Good Fit For You?

With her candid nature and outgoing personality, you will always know what Michelle thinks or where she stands on issues if you ask. She is always trying to find ways to work smarter and not harder with the tasks given to her.

Michelle takes pleasure in creating order from chaos and would be a solid choice for workflow creations and CRM management.


Paired with a strong creative sense, she enjoys tasks focused on graphic & web design, branding, podcast video editing, social media management and other aspects of digital marketing.

Being tech savvy, Michelle enjoys exploring new applications and is a quick study for any apps or programs foreign to her.


She has a thick skin and receives constructive criticism well.  As a team player, she prefers to work with people who are open minded, easy to talk to, and are accessible.


This native New Yorker has a subspecialty in working with financial professionals and has the background of being an executive assistant to 3 members of a large hedge fund company in midtown Manhattan.  With the understanding of compliance regulation for financial professionals, Michelle will be able to notice the red flags in your copy & imagery used for marketing. 


She also is very familiar with Charles Schwab and TD Ameritrade when it comes to addressing NIGOs and pre-filling their various application forms.


Let's Work Together

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