Podcast & Video Podcast Management

Create the content and send me a link to the files on DropBox or Google Drive.

I will do all the post production work for you.

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Podcast Management

Using my software of choice, I will:

  • Polish your mp3 by removing filler words, awkward pauses, and adding background sound clips or music

  • Insert Intros and Outros

  • Create a transcript

  • Create show notes

  • Create podcast thumbnail

  • Upload it for you to your website and other podcasting hosts like Spotify and Stitcher.

$125 per podcast up to 30 minutes long
4 Podcast Package: $350

Video Podcast (Vlog)

I will perform all the tasks under Podcast Management PLUS:

  • Edit Video for fluidity

  • Add captions and subtitles

  • Add supplemental video clips

  • Add Transition Effects

  • Add Picture in Picture Images

$175 per Vlog up to 30 minutes long
4 Vlog Package: $600
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