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Be More Productive and Less Busy

by delegating tasks to vetted administrative, digital marketing & financial virtual assistants.

Michelle York

Owner & Virtual Assistant

Melissa Liranzo

 Virtual Assistant

Outsource tasks to someone with work flexibility

Give as little or as much work to her for as long as you need. No strings attached. As a subcontractor, Michelle is responsible to handle her own taxes, workman's compensaiton, health insurance, liability insurance, and any other fringe benefit. 

Have daily business tasks that you dread doing or don't do well handled by a virtual assistant.

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Administrative Tasks

  • CRM Management

    • Redtail​

    • Wealthbox

    • Dubsado

    • 17 Hats

  • File Management

    • ShareFile

    • OneHub

    • DropBox

    • Google Drive

    • One Drive

  • Email Management

  • Client Correspondence

  • Workflow Creation


  • Website Design & Maintenance

    • Wix

    • Wordpress

    • Twenty over Ten

    • FMG Suite

    • SquareSpace

  • Marketing Assets

    • Brochures

    • Business Cards

    • Flyers

  • Social Media Management

  • Mass Mailers

  • Landing Pages

  • Graphic Design

Proficiency in these Popular Finance applications 

  • RedTail 

  • Wealthbox

  • PreciseFP

  • MorningStar Office

  • AllBridge

  • Schwab Advisor Center

  • TD Veo

  • ACP W2 Calculator

  • Quickbooks

  • Docusign

  • HelloSign

  • LaserApp

  • Snappy Kraken

  • FPPathfinder

  • Twenty over Ten

  • FMG Suite

Video Podcast EDITING

  • Audio editing

  • Video editing

  • Transcript creation

  • Show Notes creation

  • Social Media Posts

    • Audiograms​

    • Videograms

  • YouTube Channel Management​


Applying my training with Donald Miller's Storybrand branding & marketing strategies​, your business model will project a clear and concise to your ideal client type.

  • Logos

  • Taglines

  • Brand Color Selection

  • Brand Font Selection


Have more flexibility to meet new leads, spend time with family, and hang with friends.

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Is Michelle A Right Fit For You?

Learn about her work ethic & persona 

With her candid nature and outgoing personality, you will always know what Michelle thinks or where she stands on issues if you ask. She is always trying to find ways to work smarter and not harder with the tasks given to her.

Michelle takes pleasure in creating order from chaos and would be a solid choice for workflow creations and CRM management.


Paired with a strong creative sense, she enjoys tasks focused on graphic & web design, branding, podcast video editing, social media management and other aspects of digital marketing.

Being tech savvy, Michelle enjoys exploring new applications and is a quick study for any apps or programs foreign to her.


She has a thick skin and receives constructive criticism well.  As a team player, she prefers to work with people who are open minded, easy to talk to, and are accessible.


This native New Yorker has a subspecialty in working with financial professionals and has the background of being an executive assistant to 3 members of a large hedge fund company in midtown Manhattan.  With the understanding of compliance regulation for financial professionals, Michelle will be able to notice the red flags in your copy & imagery used for marketing.


Is Melissa A Right Fit For You?

Learn about her work ethic & persona 

Melissa is well-spoken and is comfortable with handling phone or email correspondence.  She is detail-oriented, a self-starter, diligent, not afraid to ask questions, and will provide suggestions if they can benefit you. 


She is also proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Workspace.  With a typing speed of 65 words per minute, she will be great for data entry and document creation.

Her strengths lie in the creation of Schwab applications, audio podcast editing, project management, customer relations, data entry, calendar management, email management, data research, and file management.


Missy is a quick study and is eager to learn new applications that can help your business run efficiently.

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Have peace of mind knowing your company's and clients' data are in good hands.

The virtual of assistants of York Assists 

receive an annual criminal and credit background check through

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Cynthia M.
Owner I Real Life Planning

Smart, organized, creative, reliable and sensible. Michelle York will handle the marketing, social media or administrative tasks that you are leaving undone or spending too much time doing, freeing you up to focus on growing your business. I appreciate her insights, positive energy and perspective!

graham gardner.jpg

Graham G.
VP of Marketing I Model FA

Michelle started out working for us as a social media manager and has since proven to be a valued team member who is insightful and get things done quickly.  With her vast skills and outgoing personality, she has evolved to become my VA and provides periodic support to other employees of our company.

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Krista R.
 Senior Marketing Director
Publishers Weekly

We just love her! She made a huge impact with our inaugural launch of our global virtual book show convention with her innovative solutions and being such a great team player. I can't imagine not having her involved with our future projects.


Arthur M.
Home Inspection by McMahon

Michelle is very professional, detailed, and organized. I went into this knowing nothing about technology, she took the time and showed me all my options and walked me through everything step by step. I have already had an increase in business just after one day of her helping me launch my website. I would highly recommend contacting her and using her services. You will not be disappointed with the outcome, I was 100% satisfied with her work.


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Hear what owner, Michelle York, has to say about finding, selecting, and working with a virtual assistant.

We take cybersecurity seriously.

All of Michelle's devices use virtual private networks (VPN).  Her files are transferred using 256 bit encryption and are saved in a cloud storage with zero encryption.

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Michelle's Portfolio

Review some of her previous website builds and works of graphic design

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Hourly rates are based only for short term projects which will take less than 10 hours to complete.

Any tasks that will exceed 10 hours of support or are retainers will be quote based.

$35 per hour

  • Administrative Virtual Assistant Tasks

    • Email Management

      • SaneBox​

      • Google

      • Outlook

      • Exchange

      • Redtail Email

    • File Management

      • DropBox​

      • Google Drive

      • ShareFile

    • Document Creation using Google Workspace or Microsoft Office

    • Data Entry 

    • Phone Correspondence

    • Calendar Management

    • CRM Management

      • Honeybook​

      • 17Hats

      • Dubsado

$40 per hour

  • Social Media Management

    • Creation of graphics & copy for posts & stories for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest

    • Have posts prescheduled with the use of ContentStudio 

    • Strategize a social media calendar to meet your goals

    • Increase engagement and followers by:

      • responding to your post's comments,  on  your behalf

      •  joining groups and commenting on other people's posts, on your behalf

      • comment, like and share your followers posts on your behalf.

$50 per hour

  • Financial Virtual Assistant Related Tasks

    • CRM Management​

      • RedTail​

      • WealthBox

    • Work on finance-specific platforms like: ​

      • PreciseFP​

      • Schwab Advisor Center

      • TD Veo

      • AllBridge

      • Morningstar Office

      • FPPathfinder

  • Digital Marketing Campaigns​

    • Snappy Kraken​

    • FMG Suite

    • MailChimp

    • Constant Contact

  • Website Management​

    • Twenty Over Ten​

    • FMG Suite

  • Cloud Storage​

    • ShareFile​

    • RedTail Imaging

$55 per hour

  • Website Management: Wix, Wordpress, GoDaddy and Squarespace

  • Graphic Design

    • Logos​

    • Brochures​

    • Business Cards

    • Manuals

    • Flyers

    • Banners

    • Ads

    • YouTube Thumbnails

    • Infographics

  • Audio Podcast Post Production

    • Audio File Editing

    • Transcript​

    • Show Notes

    • Audiograms

    • Subtitles (SRT)

  • Digital Marketing ​

    • MailChimp​

    • ConstantContact

    • Facebook/IG 

$60 per hour

  • Video Podcast Editing

    • Video File Editing

    • Transcript

    • Show Notes

    • Thumbnails for YouTube

    • Video & Audiograms

  • Website Design

    • Wix​

    • Squarespace

    • Wordpress

  • Branding

    • Style Guides​

  • CRM Workflow Development

    • Redtail​

    • Wealthbox

    • PreciseFP

  • Mass Mailer Strategies

    • Drip Campaigns​

    • Newsletters

  • Lead Generators​

    • Quizzes​

    • Informative PDFs

  • Landing Pages

York Assists Logo.png


Hourly rates are based only for short term projects which will take less than 10 hours to complete.

Any tasks that will exceed 10 hours of support or are retainers will be quote based.

Click a tab to see what services are rendered for the specific hourly rate.


Email Management

With raspberry & beet


File Management

With orange, tumeric & ginger


Calendar Management

Google Calendar and Outlook


CRM Management

Dubsado, 17Hats, and Honeybook


Data Entry

With raspberry & beet


Document Creation

With raspberry & beet


Phone Correspondence

With raspberry & beet



DocuSign and HelloSign

York Assists Logo (1).png


By phone, e-mail, or videoconferencing


Based in Bernardsville, NJ

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